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Free registry cleaners can help you to get rid of all those pesky system errors and crashes and also improve overall PC performance. Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause for Windows errors, crashes, and lack of performance. To resolve these issues you can either format your hard disk and reinstall the operating system and all the programs you installed over time or run registry cleaner software.

The registry is a file in which the Windows operating system is storing crucial information about your computer. It stores information about your hardware, software, and settings you made to this software and hardware. This data is crucial to keep your PC running smoothly. A common complaint of users is that their PC is getting slower after some time. This is because invalid entries exist in their registry due to software that is no longer used or software that was not properly removed. As you keep on installing and uninstalling programs the register will get bigger and it will take windows longer to load or cause problems because it cannot find certain entries.

By using free registry cleaners you can clean your registry of obsolete registry keys and other invalid keys that might be causing these problems. There are many free registry cleaning tools available for download on the internet. You can download one of these programs which match the version of the Windows operating system you are using.

Most registry cleaner software offers the option to back up your registry and to perform a scheduled scan. It is advisable to make this backup so that you can restore the registry in case you encounter any problems after the cleanup. The scheduling feature lets you schedule an automatic scan of your pc at a predefined date or time interval. If you are not using this option I would recommend that you run the software each time when you have uninstalled several programs or at least once a month. Another recommended option that most programs offer is to defragment of compress the registry. This will make the file smaller and thus it will be faster for Windows to read the registry for values it’s looking for.