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Is your hair loss is causing you grief? You may be surprised to know that there are many causes of hair loss. The fact is, not everyone experiences hair loss in the same way or at the same rate. Each person is different and must be treated differently.

Do you need to consult a doctor in order to determine the cause of your hair loss? The reality is that there are many reasons why you may experience thinning or loss of hair. Some are age-related others may be hereditary.

The reason for hair loss can vary depending on the person. If you are a child then the cause of your hair loss could be the beginning of baldness. There are several factors that could cause your hair to fall out such as genetics and bad habits.

Hormonal issues could also be a cause of hair loss. Your hair follicles may be affected by changes in hormones that come with pregnancy or menopause. Hair follicles grow throughout puberty and menopause.

For most women, it is always normal to lose a few strands of hair throughout the month. You do not have to worry about this and it will eventually go away. There are ways to prevent this from happening.

If you have lost a lot of hair due to hormonal changes, you should consult your doctor to determine if there is a reason for it. He will run tests and see if you do have any problems. If you do, then there are medications that can be used to treat your hair loss.

If the doctor finds no problem with your hormones then you will need to address the problem and find a solution. Many times, it is found that lifestyle changes can help control the symptoms. Many times you may need to work with a hair care professional to solve the problem.

Before you turn to surgery to solve your hair loss, take some time to talk to your doctor. This may cause you to come up with a better idea of what you need to do. You can get a referral to an experienced surgeon that is experienced with hair loss issues.

The problem with hair transplants is that it may not solve the problem. It only seems to mask the problem. It has been proven that hair transplants do not cause new hair to grow.

What will solve the problem is proper nutrition. If you are eating healthy then you will help make sure that your follicles stay healthy. Once you are losing the hair that you were and hair follicles that have stopped growing, it will take a while for it to replenish itself.

You may use one of many products to keep your hair healthy. Many times, your scalp is the source of your problems. Make sure that you are taking care of it with the right products. Once you are able to regrow your hair, you will find that you have been helped with this issue.

Adriana Pabon

Hi I’m Adriana, and I’d like to share my journey with you and hope to offer some help in your journey as well. Would love to hear your ideas and how you are doing!