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How did your finances shape up at the end of the tax year?

Are you in a better financial position now than 12 months ago? Have your assets increased in value? Are you earning more money?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, that’s great. If you’ve answered no, then perhaps it’s time to take stock of where you are financially and look at how you can enhance your current situation.

Avoid Laziness

I’m always amazed that so many people spend most of their life at work and totally neglect their personal affairs.

Many of the business people I coach want their professional lives to be in order, and admit that their personal affairs are in chaos.

They have no systems for handling this most important area. The household paperwork is disorganized and piled up in a corner of the house somewhere. They have no idea where they spend their money and often have no plan for their financial future.

If you do not organize your personal life, you won’t have much of a future to look forward to.

Avoid the excuses that you are too tired, don’t have the time, and don’t know how.

Step Off the Treadmill

Here are several tips to get you started:

Set up a filing system to store your paperwork.

File your papers in categories: Bank, Car, Children, Home, Medical, Insurance, Investment, Tax, Utilities, etc.

Organize direct debits for regular bills.

Read, sort, and action your snail and e-mail daily. This will avoid a big build-up.

Make a note in your diary when you need to remember to do things.

Check your bank accounts weekly via phone or the Internet to keep tabs on your money.

Allocate a particular day and time each week to review your personal affairs.

Get educated — attend seminars, read books, and listen to information on wealth creation. (Our fortnightly Event Update often advertises worthwhile events that will help you). Having knowledge will make it easier to make decisions and take action.

If you have a pro-active accountant or financial advisor — ask them what can you do to make the most of your money.

Review all your insurances to ensure you have adequate cover and are getting the best value for your buck.

Record your income and expenses in a spreadsheet to gain a true picture of where your money really goes.

Organizing Your Financial Future

This area should be a top priority. If you do nothing because it’s too much effort well think about this.

What would happen if you lost your job, have an accident, and receive no income for 6 months? How would you (and your family) survive financially? Do you have your insurances in order?

Where will you be in the next five years? Maybe retired and on a pension? Or perhaps you have superannuation you hope will be enough to live on?

Unfortunately, too many people are under false illusions about how superannuation will be the answer for a secure retirement.

Hope is not enough. You have to be pro-active and seek out people who can help you. But be careful who you take advice from and what is the motivation behind them “selling” their ideas.

Educating yourself on how to make the most of your hard-earned money so you can create wealth should be a high priority. After all, if you’re not interested in securing your financial future, who is?

The Final Word

If you take control of your personal affairs you will have peace of mind and know that you are making things happen.

I once heard someone say: Some people make things happen, others watch things happen and still others wonder what happened. What do you choose to do?