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SEO Marketing or Search Engine Optimization not only works but in fact is highly effective and has been responsible for transforming many unknown websites into popular destinations on the World Wide Web today.

To date, no other online marketing tools or methods have proved to be anywhere near as effective as SEO marketing techniques. This is hardly surprising when a vast majority of the traffic that visits websites is still coming from search engines. SEO marketing is centered on search engines and focuses on optimizing search engine rankings.

In recent times the main search engines have been constantly changing and modifying their rules and at times, this has caused great panic amongst many webmasters. In some instances, changes introduced by leading search engines have caused their ranks to slip to oblivion thus wiping out their daily traffic instantly. This has been distressing more so because webmasters quite often spend a lot of time and money on SEO marketing to get their websites to climb the ranks in search engines.

This is one of the reasons why one should be very careful when appointing somebody to work on their SEO marketing. There are many techniques that bring quick results but are definitely not in the long-term interests of the website and its owner. People need to understand that the aim of the search engines is to ensure that the search results their users get are as complete and accurate as possible, in terms of the keywords used.

So what are these methods? To name a few:

o Blogs with RSS feeds

o Article Writing and Distribution

o Link Building Services

o Press Releases

o Content Page Exchange and Buyouts

o Directory Submission Services

All of these and more are proven SEO marketing techniques and how an SEO firm implements some of these, such as link building, can be the difference between high success and mediocre results.

Therefore, any SEO marketing decisions made with the end-user in mind is bound to help a site enjoy long term benefits and traffic, irrespective of what changes search engines make. This is the sort of SEO marketing that will continue to work for the website in question for a long time to come.